Katrysha Gellis headshot

Katrysha Gellis

Founder, Living Proof CPR Training

Two weeks after her 30th birthday, Katrysha collapsed at work due to sudden cardiac arrest. With no health issues, warning signs, or apparent reason her heart simply stopped beating. Two of her colleagues saved her life because they knew what to do in an emergency. Without hesitation, one called 911 and the other started CPR immediately.

After surviving her cardiac arrest, Katrysha was inspired to pay it forward by teaching others about lifesaving measures. She become certified with the Heart and Stroke Foundation to teach CPR and founded her Montreal-based company, Living Proof CPR Training.

Katrysha is passionate about teaching CPR and making it accessible to anyone who wants to learn and her mission is to spread the word about how important CPR is because it truly can save someone’s life, she’s living proof.